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Chicago Mitzvah Campaign Dec 2018 no log


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We at YMK Architecture find that he most rewarding projects are those designed for organizations whose sole mission is to give, help, and support its community's members who need it the most. 


The Chicago Mitzvah Campaign was developed to provide help and support to patients and seniors from the entire Chicago Jewish community. The center offers their services when people need them most, at times of frailty, illness, infirmity and loss. Their programs assist individuals with information, social support and material aid, and avail them of spiritual counsel, Jewish traditions and observances.


Rabbi Wolf tasked our team with the honored responsibility of designing their expansion into their new modern home.


Being located on the intersection of a main artery of the neighborhood, we designed the new 13,000 sf. building with a strong corner presence. The modern design reflects the leadership of the organization whose mission is to always seek new ways to serve the community with as much positive impact as possible.

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