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rosenberg residence

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Each time our office designs an addition for an existing home, we face a common dilemma; whether to design the addition to blend into the existing home style, or to re-face the entire structure with a fresh and new aesthetic. Perhaps even, we should simply design the addition with its own unique style to complement the existing home? While a complementary design approach or re-facing the entire structure may intuitively seem like the more complicated options, I find these to be far easier than the alternative: Matching the addition successfully enough that to the untrained eye the whole home appears unified to the extent that one cannot tell where the old home ends and the addition begins.  For this project the client chose the more challenging option - to blend it in. We sourced matching masonry, matching stone window headers, incorporated the brick dentils at the facia level and even mimicked the wood paneled designs under the windows in strategic locations. Ultimately, I believe the design is a resounding success! The resulting home is unique in that it is deliberately modest yet quite stately.

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